From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

Super Soco Texaco, US-45 N., Columbus, early August:

Me: I’ll have a turkey leg.
Mary: Are you sure? They’re big.
Me: Yes … I can handle it.
Mary: Are you SURE?
Man in line: Hey, she says she can handle it!
Behind me in line, Birney is laughing.

This issue’s cover story started out as a look at great gas station food in the Golden Triangle. A Facebook post and a survey of friends, and we were off — the breakfast biscuits from Cal-Kola Express in Caledonia, crawfish from Brewski’s in Starkville, peach cobbler from Robin Hood’s in West Point, the avocado spread from United Deli in east Columbus … that two-hander turkey leg.

Then, like many a memorable road trip, our culinary adventure took an unexpected turn when we happened upon a cache of compelling stories concentrated in north Clay County, in and around the gas station/convenience stores that anchor the farming communities scattered across that rural landscape.

These stop-and-go community hubs proved rich in character and flavor, and while we do have a bit to say about thick-cut bologna sandwiches and deep-fried peanuts, we think you’ll agree that getting to know our neighbors in the north is much more satisfying fare.

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