From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

Today’s technology is so seductive. We can share news, photos, music, in an instant. Our cars do everything but drive themselves … oh, wait.

I never thought I’d say this but, some days, I miss the hand-me-down ’86 Oldsmobile Cutlass I drove in high school. It wasn’t much on style (in the eyes of a 15-year-old girl), and a faulty driver’s door lock meant I had to enter the car on the passenger’s side on many an occasion, but it was built like a tank and never once bothered me with alerts about my bluetooth connection. I have no doubt it’s still on the road, and by now, some kid has probably decided the bum lock is his excuse to enter that window Bo Duke-style.

The winter issue is packed with folks with an appreciation for the not-so-new and a time-tested way of doing things. We’ve got homesteaders and storytellers, farmers and classic car lovers, and a man who breathes new life into vintage Beemers.

Nothing and no one lasts forever, but the memory of them is eternal, as long as there are those around who maintain the threads of tradition, and as long as there are those of us who like to tell their stories.

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