The Avid Reader

Major General Thomas “Tango” Moore USMC (Retired) of Columbus credits his mother, Barbara, and the United States Marine Corps with his love for reading. “As an avid reader, my mother would stay up until the wee hours of the morning if she was interested in a book,” states Tango. “The Marine Corps encourages reading for professional development and it has always been a way to escape during the free time on the long deployments overseas.”

Book_Virtues1. The Virtues Of War by Steven Pressfield — A novel by based on the historical records of the conquests of Alexander the Great. This book transports the reader along with Alexander’s army as it conquers the nations of the Middle East around the Persian Gulf and ends in what is today’s Afghanistan. This historical study is timely because it illuminates many of the challenges we face today in this region and informs the discussion of that regional conflict. 

Born Fighting: How The Scots-Irish Shaped America by James WebbA historical study of the Scots-Irish and the impact of their constant border conflict with England. That fighting shaped the culture of this group and, in turn, America as they moved here to settle the new nation.  It is an insightful book on the influence the Scots-Irish have had as our nation moved to an independent democracy and explains a great deal about our pioneer spirit and our demand for independence and self determination.


Book_17763. 1776 by David McCullough — An engaging book that details the leadership, commitment and courage of some of our nation’s most notable leaders in our quest for independence from England. It is a study of the tenacity and grit of those who were engaged in the Revolution and our struggle and ultimate victory over a superior force. America is unique in all the world and 1776 shows how tenuous our success was during the Revolutionary War, some of the darkest days of our young nation.



Book_NothingLikeIt4. Nothing Like It In The World by Stephen Ambrose — The American spirit and the willingness to take on the impossible are chronicled in this book about the men who built the Transcontinental Railroad in 1863-1869. This is a riveting historical account of the herculean engineering feat of conquering the vast plains, the desert and the Rocky Mountains with steel track at a time when ships were under sail and there was no machinery to cut the roadway or dig the tunnels. This railroad linked our nation east to west and revolutionized transportation. This feat was accomplished by dynamic leaders with vision and by rugged courageous men with shovels and sledge hammers. 

Book_FlagsOfFathers5. Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley — The Joe Rosenthal photo that captured the flag raising on Iwo Jima during WWII was promulgated throughout the free world and stood as a symbol of the tenacity of our Marine Corps in battle and our potential for victory in this long war with the Axis powers. The moment is immortalized by a huge bronze statue, the Marine Corps War Memorial, near Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C. This book tells the story of the men in the photo, one of them Bradley’s father. This is an insightful study from a personal perspective of the men in the photo and of America’s commitment to sustain freedom as our way of life during World War II.