From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

This time last year, I hadn’t a clue the launch of Catfish Alley was in my future. The opportunity presented itself as any item we might search diligently, frustratingly for without result does — unexpectedly and only when we pause, take a breath and let circumstances unfold.

When young Carl Jackson reluctantly set out with his father to attend a bluegrass jamboree in Reform, Ala., did he have an inkling of the storied musical career that was to follow?

Did our cover girl, Elayne Goodman, envision the future in art that would roll out before her when she took that fateful first ceramics class at The W? Or did she simply fill her hands with clay and breathe a sigh of relief when the persistent march of her daily routine receded and possibility ruled the day?

Thank you for the enthusiastic reception Catfish Alley has received this year and for the words of support and encouragement sent our way. We have been awed by the abundance of talent in our region, by the things people make and do and by the storytellers and picture makers who have filled these pages with their own brand of magic.

The new year is upon us and with it comes endless avenues to be explored. Please continue to share your stories, comments and event information with us. Email them to or visit us on Facebook.

I wish you a new year full of limitless opportunities.