From the Editor

Over the course of our lives, we encounter a multitude of opportunities — to do our duty, to encourage others, to follow our dreams. The ones we grab hold of often determine our legacy. In this issue we meet kind souls, heroes and dreamers whose choices changed lives, whether someone else’s or their own.

Every day, Rita Usher is making a connection with unemployed and underemployed women of the Golden Triangle through job and life skills training, while more than 20 years ago, West Point city administrator Randy Jones proved, during the Battle of Mogadishu, that he’s a guy to be counted on in times of chaos.

Our cover story spotlights a septet of area music makers, who have made their way to Nashville to seek success in one of the most challenging musical arenas in the world. Their achievements are our own, in that every shining moment adds to the legacy of a state we know to be rich in talent, passion and determination.

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