From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

Gregarious is not a word people use to describe me. Being the center of attention at a party of two and singing before a crowd fill me with just about the same amount of butterflies. I’ve always been a bit awestruck by those who seem to have “never met a stranger.” Those whose mega-watt smile continues to glow in my mind’s eye long after we’ve parted ways.

The summer issue is filled with people such as these — from store clerk to violin teacher to visiting poet. Whether it happened in the course of five minutes or 50 years, these luminaries have made a lasting impression on our community.

Their stories have encouraged me to be a bit more brave in my daily encounters, and I hope they do the same for you. Summer is the perfect time to meet new friends — outdoor concerts and street festivals will have everyone out on the town. But don’t underestimate that routine trip to the store for groceries … you just never know, your new best friend may be standing across from you in the checkout line.

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