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Story Slim Smith | Photograph Matt Garner

Photographed by Matt Garner.

Photographed by Matt Garner.

If there is ever to be a spin-off of the popular cable show “Hoarders,” Amy Buckley figures to be a likely candidate.

“Oh, we could be the subject of a bunch of reality shows,” Amy says. “Art Hoarders would be a good place to start.”

Amy and her physician husband, Bob, have been enlarging their riverfront home in West Point for the past two and a half years. But while the home is very much a work in progress, it has already taken on the personality of Amy Buckley.

Like her personality, the home is big, colorful and original.

“The entire house is original artwork,” Amy says. “If it’s not signed, numbered or one-of-a-kind, why have it?”

The Buckleys’ home features more than 100 pieces of art, most of it from local artists. She has 22 Martha Young paintings and an Elayne Goodman sculpture that is the focal point of the home’s foyer.

The foyer — Amy calls it “The Gallery” — is bathed in yellow paint with 24-foot ceilings, a room dominated by art.

“Art to me, that’s my thing,” she says. “I’d rather have a piece of original art than jewelry.”

And those yellow walls?

“You know, yellow was never my favorite color,” she admits. “When I started looking at swatches, the main goal was to find a color that suited the art. That’s what drove the decision. And it turned out, yellow was the best.”