From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

Recently, while in a grocery checkout lane, I observed one woman embrace another and express her tearful thanks. The “hugger” hadn’t been able to pay for the whole of her groceries and the “huggee” had made up the difference.

The act seemed extraordinary to me in light of daily headlines. The near constant stream of shootings and robberies, overdoses and corruption could make anyone question their neighbor’s intentions.

In this issue, we focus on a group of people for whom acts of kindness are a way of life. The Mennonite faith calls for service to others, and the community inhabiting Noxubee County is ripe with good samaritans. But good deeds aren’t exclusive to the fields and dwellings south of the Golden Triangle. Our 3 Inspired People — Patty Hudgins of Caledonia, Luberta Taylor of Columbus and Margaret Copeland of Starkville — are women whose programs and personalities enhance the quality of life for both the people and the creatures they encounter every day.

I hope you will find comfort and humor in the stories we’ve collected for this issue and know that compassion and generosity are not as rare as the day’s news would have us believe. Sometimes they are no farther away than a trip to the grocery store.

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