The Avid Reader

The older she gets, the more Krista Green, 24, values the world of books. That love of reading took root as early as age 3, thanks to an attentive mother.

“I was homeschooled, so Mom always made sure I had a great reading program,” says Krista, currently a doctoral student at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. “She took me to the library a lot.”

Looking to de-stress? The Columbus native is convinced reading is one of the best tonics.

“It’s a way to have an adventure without going anywhere,” she says. “One can step into another world and visit there for a while, experiencing any period in history and any culture that appeals — all by picking up a book.”

Krista’s reading habits are influenced by her love of learning, and not only learning about history and the larger world through nonfiction. Studies have shown reading fiction improves the ability to relate to people and pick up on different social and emotional cues, she says.

As a young reader, Krista was drawn to Trixie Belden and Hardy Boys mysteries, the classics and Christian fiction. Some of those genres still hold a place on her reading list, but she has lately branched out into more nonfiction — especially books about medical missions.

“I also love to reread books, so if I ever need a nice, feel-good book, I always grab one by Gilbert Morris or Julie Klassen.”

School currently occupies most of Krista’s time, she admits. The 2010 graduate of Immanuel High School earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi University for Women. At present, she is pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy at UAB.

Book_PeterPan1. Peter Pan by J. M. BarrieI love Peter Pan. I’ve seen every movie about Peter Pan, and I’ve read every book I can find that has anything to do with Peter Pan. Everyone should read it simply because it’s awesome, but I’m also finding that I relate to it more and more as I grow up.

2. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre DumasThis is one of my favorite classics (the other is The Scarlet Pimpernel). Mystery, revenge, riches, sword fights, romance and a secret identity … Does it get any better?

Book_KissesfromKatie3. Kisses from Katie by Katie DavisI enjoy reading any book about missions, but this is one of my favorites because it shows the true selflessness of Katie Davis, and it’s inspiring.

4. Emma by Jane AustenJane Austen is one of my favorite classic authors, and this is my favorite of her books. It’s worth reading just to “meet” Mr. Knightley.

Book_SummerPromise5. Summer Promise by Robin Jones GunnThis is the first book in the Christy Miller and Friends series, so I suggest this one because reading one will make you want to read them all. I read these books while growing up (she’s still writing new ones), and they have had an incredible impact on me and truly have influenced who I am.