Spring 2015

Catfish Alley Spring 2015 cover featuring the Sparta Opry

Catfish Alley takes a trip to Chickasaw County’s Sparta Opry, where musicians like Donnie Davis have been entertaining the faithful Friday night crowd for nearly three decades.


Friday Night Lights
Friday nights in Chickasaw County were never the same once Sparta Opry’s neon guitar began to glow

Into the Woods
Like others before her, Starkville herbalist Lindsay Wilson taps into the healing power of plants

Home Sweet Home
The McShan clan’s enchanting Southside Columbus Victorian

The Bowyer of Choctaw County
Since boyhood Bobby Cooper has crafted bows and arrows. The bowyer’s elegant longbows evoke and pay tribute to earlier civilizations

Waiting for Spring
Wet a hook, swing in a hammock, dance on a tire swing; it’s time to observe the rites of spring



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Parting Shot