From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

Spring came early for me this year. A deadline of early January meant the bulk of the writing and photography for the spring issue had to take place in the weeks preceding Christmas. Try thinking about a theme for spring fashion while blowing the last of the fall leaves off of the driveway, when the wind chill is 38 degrees and there isn’t a speck of color in the garden for inspiration. It taxes the imagination a bit.

But then you remember that moment that comes at winter’s end, when you back out of your driveway to start your daily commute and suddenly halt at the vision of red nandina berries, snowy spirea branches and golden daffodils rising above the ground cover that you didn’t notice the day before. Now it isn’t so hard to imagine the warm days ahead.

In this issue we focus on our own bright spots of color — percussionist Bob Damm and his passion to germinate community spirit through music; restaurateurs Alice and Johnny Wooten and the building renovation that landed them at the epicenter of Louisville’s downtown revitalization effort; Mossy Oak’s Toxey Haas, a man who’s using the empire he built hiding in the trees to improve their numbers and variety for the purpose habitat restoration; and many others — these harbingers of community renewal, who bring with them hope and visions of vibrant times to come.

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