Personal Space: Tim Younger

Photograph Luisa Porter

Photographed by Luisa Porter.

Photographed by Luisa Porter.

Columbus Motor Co. Sales Manager Tim Younger didn’t set out to have such a “well-traveled” office, but after 25 years of collecting car tags, why not? The plates really began going up on the walls when Younger remodeled following a 2002 tornado that hit the business on Highway 182 East.

“The first tag I ever saved was the one from Hawaii. A pilot at Columbus Air Force Base traded a truck he’d had shipped over and in the deal, I asked for one of his tags.”

“I collected Minnesota about ’03 or ’04. During a Bass Classic, a fisherman purchased a truck and commented on my collection. Around a year later, I received his old tag in the mail.”

• “Arizona and Oklahoma are from customers who would travel to Columbus every few years to purchase vehicles from me. Alaska came from a friend who moved there to work on the pipeline.”

“I have over 100 tags, about 80 on the wall. They all have stories. If I had to pick the most unique it would be one a customer gave me that had been made in 1924 in Columbus and had been in his family ever since.”