From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

Every magazine cycle, when it comes time for me to write this letter, I sit down with a prototype of the issue and re-read every page from “cover” to “cover.” And every cycle, without fail, an unexpected thematic thread emerges, connecting one story subject to another. Even when subjects appear to have nothing in common, we discover that just below the surface, there are shared outlooks and motivations and that often, they’re headed for the same destination, just by different means.

For the fall issue, the thread revealed itself earlier in the incubation period than usual — the three Rs: revitalize, repurpose, rebirth. Our “Inspired People” — Liz and John Fields, Donna Poe and Rita Williams — are folks who know a little something about seeing “old” things with new eyes. The Fields are giving run-down houses in Columbus’ Southside neighborhood a second chance. Poe is the driving heartbeat of a second-hand clothing ministry in Starkville. And Williams’ post-retirement pursuits are evidence that every day of our lives is an opportunity for reinvention.

Once the thread was clear, it seemed endless. Peggy and John Morgan Douglass have created a haven in Noxubee County out of 150 years of family and community history. Fredrick Sparks and the Sandfield Horizon Committee are on a mission to re-energize the spirit of Columbus’ first black neighborhood. Even one our “Good Stuff” picks, box sets of vintage mix-and-match dishes, have been saved from disuse under the creative curation of Starkville native Amanda Shafer.

We’re grateful to be able to share these stories with you and, with your help, discover more as we continue our exploration of the Golden Triangle and neighboring communities.

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