Fall 2016


Roy Oswalt photographed on his Lowndes County farm by Luisa Porter in late June


Roy Oswalt: A Change of Pace
The outdoorsman and former pro pitcher shares his experience in the Major Leagues and the yearning for home that never dimmed

It’s Country Time
Every fall the folks at the Oktoc Country Store fire up the stew pot and invite friends and neighbors out for some fellowship and fresh air

The Homestead
More than 150 years in the making — Peggy and John Morgan Douglass’ Noxubee County retreat

Exploring Macon
The Noxubee County hamlet yields unexpected charms for those with a penchant to wander

Prairie Vistas
Fall fashion takes a stroll through the tall grasses and green glens of Prairie Wildlife in West Point

Pride of Place
Fredrick Sparks and the Sandfield Horizon Committee have their sights set on revitalizing their historic community’s spirit


From the Editor

Local Blend — Good things to know and good stuff to buy

The Avid Reader Five books from Starkville teen Sicily Brocato’s library

The SpotLight — Local gadfly G. E. Light’s take on music and art in the Triangle

One Question — “Inconceivable!” What movie do you quote from the most?

3 Inspired People — Liz and John Fields, Rita Williams and Donna Poe place the ultimate investment in their communities … their hearts

Personal Space — John Weathers’ Bonsai grove in Columbus is a space of peaceful precision

Into the Woods — Wholesome medicine … community herbalist Lindsay Wilson basks in the yellow glow of goldenrod

Bartender’s Choice — Chris Edwards of Mayhew Junction Brewing Co. in Starkville invites you to stop in for a taste

Artist’s Pick — Macon’s Loraine Walker chooses a prized work from her portfolio of wildlife photographs

Seven Things — Seven things that tell the story of your life? MSMS English teacher Emma Richardson picks momentos with a history

Man in Motion — Shannon Bardwell explores north Mississippi’s Tanglefoot Trail with cycling enthusiast Tom Tait

Musicmakers — All in the family — Siblings Lucy, Laura and Scott Sandifer have been making music together for, well … as long as they can remember

Food for the Soul — Sallie Mae Watson offers some words of wisdom about the lost art of making caramel cakes

Seems to Me — Representative Jay Hughes gives us an insider’s perspective on what’s happening under our state capitol’s dome … and our very noses

It Happened Here — Boxer Jack Dempsey and the Great Pasha cross paths on the streets of Columbus

Social Call — A look at who’s been out and about in the Golden Triangle and beyond

Restaurant Guide

Parting Shot