From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

When I was a kid, I fantasized about finding buried treasure in the cotton field behind our house … I’ve always had a pretty good imagination. I mean, sure, I had gold doubloons and sparkling jewels in mind when shovel met soil, but a single arrowhead would have sent me over the moon.

The word “treasure” has come to mean a thousand different things — artifacts, fossils, photographs, stories, the occasional 15th century British king buried under a parking lot — and often its value is based solely on the appreciation of its beholder.

People can be treasures, too. Those, whether by the force of their sparkling personalities or their unwavering diligence, who make the lives of the people (and creatures) around them better.

Like the trove of fossils contained within the sediment of Ken Owens’ Shark Tooth Creek, the Golden Triangle is brimming with folks who enrich our community with their ideas, their achievements and their generosity. For the fall issue, we’ve unearthed several and showcase them on the pages within so that they might be appreciated for the one-of-a-kind gems they are.

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