From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

This is bound to be my dad’s favorite issue — there is talk of squirrel hunting … and biscuits.

Whether in stew or with dumplings, fried or simmered in gravy, squirrel was a fall staple in the Clark house when I was growing up. And they hardly ever made an appearance without a pan of mom’s buttermilk biscuits.

It’s been more than 25 years since I traipsed off into the woods with pop to knock off a squirrel or two for dinner, but I’ve taken multiple runs at mom’s biscuit recipe in recent years. Like Jimmy Thomas, one of the local biscuit bakers in our cover story (Page 50), mine never turn out exactly like mom’s. But they’re mine, and they’re from scratch, and that’s sort of the point. It’s about carrying on the tradition and visiting the memories of those dough masters whose biscuits were the best we ever tasted.

As I mentioned in the summer issue, we are currently collecting photos and stories of people in our community who have passed away this year for publication in our winter issue (see Page 6 for details). I invite you to write to us and tell us about your loved one, and as always, to share your comments and story ideas.

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