Fall 2014

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Oh. My. Biscuit.
How many biscuits can you fit on the head of a cat? Whether you fancy yours beaten, rolled or dropped, these three area biscuit-making mavens share their secrets of the most Southern of breads

A Starkville Charmer

Peripatetic CEO and dog lover Richard Adkerson wanted a place in Starkville he could call home — West Point designer Steve Bengel has created him one

Room for the Blues
If they sang the blues, chances are they sang them in Mary Shepard’s Indianola juke joint — Now retired and living in West Point, this blues impresario has stories to tell

Halloween Queen

Ann Sparkman’s spooky obsession has given rise to an annual fall tradition, one adults and kids alike eagerly anticipate

Anything But Dismal
Thousands travel to this Alabama nature sanctuary each year in hopes of seeing fly larvae — Yes, you read that right, but there’s more to the story

Gone Country
Fashion forecasters are calling for shades of Americana this fall, so we’re showing off our red, white and denim blues out at Evans Holliday Plantation


From the Editor

Half-n-Half — A local blend of good things to know and good stuff to buy 

The Avid ReaderStarkville playwright Kris Lee has the art of reading down pat, and he has some terrific books to recommend

The SpotLight — Local gadfly G. E. Light’s take on the Triangle’s cultural milieu

One QuestionEmbarrassed that you hate something everybody else loves? You are not alone … these Triangle neighbors come clean

3 Inspired People — Dot Ryland, Angie Riffell and Allen Jones just wanted to give their communities a hand … and they did

Food for the Soul — Oh, my, the tasty things you can do with a Vardaman sweet potato; West Point’s Claire Spradling shows us how

Personal SpaceColumbus’ Susan Smith begins each day with a quiet hour in her garden room surrounded by reminders of the things she loves

To Catch a SquirrelBryant Wiygul and his dog, Charlie, are a match made in squirrel-hunting heaven

Seven Things — Painter, teacher, father and husband: Starkville artist Brent Funderburk tells us the stories of his most meaningful things

Musicmaker — For Mike Chain, the songs, instruments and venues may have changed, but the flow of music has remained constant

Bartender’s Choice — Looking for a blackberry margarita garnished with a dazzling smile? The Veranda’s Cameron Wilcher is your ticket

Seems to Me — West Point Chancery Clerk Amy Berry would like to be a beautician when she grows up … someday

A Letter Home — Columbus native Jessica Austin wanted to get far from “the familiar cocoon of the West” … she writes to us from Istanbul

Social CallA photographic look at who’s been out and about in the Golden Triangle and beyond

Parting Shot