From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

What would we do without our iPhones and Kindles, our Facebook updates and satellite radios to keep us occupied and entertained?

Would we take an evening stroll in the company of a comrade and find a way station for the issues close to our hearts? Perhaps we’d gather on our neighbors’ front porches and share stories of the people and places we love.

How desolate would our memory banks be if we didn’t take out our earbuds once in awhile and have live-and-in-person encounters with the characters who inhabit our daily lives?

The fall issue is brimming over with individuals who know the value of collecting stories and keepsakes that remind us of where we’ve been and the people who shaped our present selves.

Billy Hester (Personal Space) never tires of telling tales of the bustling Maben that was. Wanda Thorne (Collective Soul) has collected an anecdote for every bauble she’s made room for in her Starkville home. Dr. Jim Darnell (A Life in Science) was keen to reminisce about the beings and events along his journey from Georgia Payne Smith’s S. D. Lee High classroom to the A-list of scientific achievers.

These are only a sampling of the souls whose stories fill the following pages. There are so many more to come. Enjoy!

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