From the Editor

Story Stacy Clark

am a grasshopper. While the family of ants that raised me toils away the summer, tending the garden, baling hay and packing deep freezers and pantries with the black-eyed peas, squash and corn that will grace our dinner table throughout the fall and winter, I am forever in search of a hammock and canopy of leaves.

Where would we be without those who are driven to preserve and save and restore?   Bess Swedenburg and her jars of homegrown goodness, historian Rufus Ward and his tales of the South that was and BillyB, whose effort to reclaim the beautiful face of Aberdeen, one neglected cottage at a time, has drawn a flattering national eye to small-town Southern America … without them, our winters, our history and our homes would be flavorless and dull.

Thankfully, unlike the ant of Aesop’s fable, there is no end to their generosity. In this issue, they’ve shared their stories with us so that we grasshoppers might do what we do best, sing their praise.

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