Fall 2015

Ken Owens and company photographed by Luisa Porter
at Shark Tooth Creek near Aliceville, Alabama, in June


Shark Tales
The best field trip ever! A morning
with Mr. Ken on Shark Tooth Creek
near Aliceville, Alabama

A Rite of Autumn
Jean and Dwight Colson’s pumpkin playland in Caledonia is the place
to be come fall

A Charming Second Chance
Dawn and John Herring’s re-purposed
jewel in Mayhew

Wonder Walls
Starkville Mural Collective’s Lorrin Webb paints the town … sort of

Country Sunshine
Fall fashion takes a breather on a Noxubee County farmhouse named “Sunshine”




A local blend of good things to know, good stuff to buy, five books from Starkville avid reader Seth Oppenheimer’s library and local gadfly G. E. Light’s take on music and art in the Triangle

One Question
Moving pictures — What’s the one movie you never get tired of?

Into the Woods
Community herbalist Lindsay Wilson has some advice for getting in sync with the seasons

Bartender’s Choice
Will Sanders of Starkville’s basement speakeasy, The Guest Room, has a flavorful idea about what you should be imbibing this fall

Toppin’ Cotton
Pilot Matt Brignac’s dream of flying began at 10 and became a reality at 17; he’s been up in the air
ever since

Rick Welch of “Rick’s Café Americain” in Starkville is still bringing it … the music, that is

Seven Things
Seven things that illustrate your life? Mississippi State choral director Gary Packwood shares his

Food for the Soul
Bess and Billy Swedenburg’s Honey House celebrates Mayhew’s (and their family’s) honey bee heritage

Seems to Me
Darnell Fulgham of Fulgham’s Holler west of Ackerman has a sure-fire plan to save the world

A Letter Home
Leonette Slay is quick to tell you home is where the heart is, and for her, that is on the road

Social Call
A look at who’s been out and about in the Golden Triangle and beyond

Parting Shot
The late Robert Harrell’s workshop in West Point represents love and legacy