Welcome to Catfish Alley

CoverFa16OswaltIn its heyday, Catfish Alley was a vibrant, one-block-long row of businesses just off Main Street in downtown Columbus, Mississippi. A world within a world, the Alley was a gathering place for the area’s fishermen and farmers, merchants and residents, people from every walk of life. There, when the day’s catch was delivered from the waters of the Tombigbee, it was fried and served up with a side of news, politics and tall tales.

Every town in the South has an Alley of sorts — a place that epitomizes the region’s cultural diversity. A place for sharing the food, the art, the music and the ideas that begin to define the Southern experience. With Catfish Alley, the magazine, our goal is the same. We have created a gathering place for the words and images that paint an authentic, compelling portrait of life in today’s South. The South as we see it.